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Each of our existing schools has a bespoke curriculum which reflects the local community and context. We will develop the curriculum at Grace Cook Primary School in the same way, to offer every child an exciting, innovative education.  We will teach the children about the local area, and the need to care for their community and the wider world. We will build in an enrichment programme and wide-ranging trips and visits, so that the children are well aware of the world beyond their immediate environment.  We will teach them about diversity, sustainability, innovation, and life skills so that we lay the foundations for our children to be socially responsible and economically independent later in life.

The curriculum in each of our schools delivers the National Curriculum in an exciting and purposeful way — cross-curricular links are exploited to make learning interesting and meaningful. When necessary subjects are taught discretely to ensure the best learning possible. High expectations of what children can achieve throughout their educational journey unite our teams to ensure that Orwell MAT children leave us with strong foundations for a lifetime of learning. The curriculum in all of our schools is supported by a wide range of trips, visits and visitors, and experiential learning experiences, and this will be the same at Grace Cook Primary School.

Grace Cook Primary School will have a curriculum tailored to the children in the school, reflecting the local community, and aligned to our Trust values. We will work closely with parents and the wider community to ensure a rich, broad, and balanced curriculum and identify ways to best deliver it to our Grace Cook Primary children.

Oracy is a key part of the curriculum across our Trust Schools and will be a thread running through the Grace Cook curriculum. We recognise that Oracy is an integral part of children’s learning and that through talk, we are able to; develop children’s thinking and understanding, improve their discussion skills, and broaden their range of vocabulary. Oracy is not just about children learning to talk, it is about learning through talk. Our main objective is to provide children with a solid foundation of communication skills to equip them for their school life and the wider world. We aim to deepen children’s knowledge and understanding of all subject areas through talk by setting regular opportunities for group discussions and class debates; this will enable them to share their ideas and formulate their own opinions.

Key Stage 1

The curriculum will be taught through half termly themes. Classes will have a structured timetable for the first part of each day, with a focus on phonics (taught through Read, Write Inc), the development of reading, writing, and Oracy skills, and maths, with the remainder of the day being dedicated to the current theme.  At the heart of the curriculum offer is our fundamental belief that children must leave Key Stage 1 with at least age-appropriate core skills in Reading, Writing, Maths and Science, underpinned by the ability to communicate effectively and the development of exceptional learning behaviours.

Key Stage 2

The curriculum intent and drivers continue throughout KS2, and there is an increased focus on subject specific knowledge and skills. The curriculum will be delivered through a topic based approach, and as far as possible the texts studied as part of the development of English skills will also have a direct link to the topic, so that English skills are practised in a meaningful context.

 Staff in all of our Orwell MAT family of schools are passionate about helping our children develop goals and aspirations. Trying new things often requires courage and forces us to grow and develop. Entire careers and life paths are carved out by us dipping our toes into small ponds of new experience and discovering a love for something we had no idea would capture our imaginations and passion. At Orwell MAT we encourage and support our children to try new things, and our curriculum offer extends beyond timetabled lessons and includes a huge variety of visits, experiences, clubs, and activities. Providing opportunities for children to shine is a particular passion and strength of Orwell MAT schools. Children across our schools have the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument, and we provide everyone with an instrument of their own, so they can practise at home. To ensure pupils have the opportunity to learn life-long skills wherever their interests may lie we pride ourselves on giving an opportunity for EVERY child in an Orwell MAT school to participate in an extracurricular club and across the schools there are a huge variety of after school and lunchtime clubs, ranging from debating to ukuleles, and everything in between.  Provision at Grave Cook Primary will be developed in the same way as it is across all of our schools.

You can see what life is like in an Orwell MAT school by watching this video

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