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New Intake

It is tremendously satisfying when we see parents making the choice to send their children to Grace Cook.  Parents of children offered a place to join us will have the opportunity to join us for an information session, where we will be sharing information on how parents can support their child starting school. 

Here at Grace Cook we look forward to welcoming our new intake in September and introducing them to Lisa Mayes (Reception Teacher and Early Years Specialist) and the Early Years Team. We have a bespoke program for new intake children to spend in school with to help them settle. They will be meeting new friends and finding out all about the thrilling things they are going to be learning.

New parents have the opportunity to sign up to ClassDojo before your child starts school to see many of the opportunities we have in place to make your child's start to school a settled one. We hope that these posts will provide a useful prompt for our children starting school to share and discuss their experiences with their families. We also encourage our new parents who have questions or concerns to let us know using the messaging system.