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Online Safety

At Grace Cook we are committed to online safety.

If you have any concerns and need to talk to someone in school, then Richard Dedicoat is our Online Safety Lead. Should you or your child have any concerns around online safety or cyber-bullying, please get in touch via the school office. We take all online safety incidents seriously whether they have taken place in or outside of school. 

Online Safety is about staying safe on the internet. Internet enabled devices such as computers, tablets and smart phones offer lots of new opportunities, but also present new risks.

In school we proactively filter internet access to ensure that the children are not exposed to any inappropriate or adult material. If you are a customer of BT, Sky, TalkTalk or Virgin Media you can follow this guide to set-up parental controls on your internet access.

At Grace Cook we follow the Smart Rules from

Download our full Internet Acceptale Use Agreement at the bottom of this page.

Parents  play a key role in supporting children to learn about how to stay safe online, and they are one of the first people children turn to if things go wrong. 

Our online safety policy reflects the importance of using information systems and electronic communication safely. We aim to keep our children safe online and also when using mobile phones, games consoles and wireless technology. We feel it is important to educate our children on the benefits, risks and responsibilities of using information technology and cover this through both our PSHE and Computing curriculums.

These websites may be useful to you if you have any questions about your child's safety online:

Reporting harmful content

Fake accounts

ICO resources

Parental resources

How to deal with inappropriate images

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Young people's advice on talking to your child about online sexual harassment

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