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School meals

At Grace Cook Primary School and Nursery we offer our pupils the option of having a freshly made hot meal. 

School meals are cooked on site every day in the school kitchen by our catering company Lunchtime Co - Lunchtime Co - School Meals and School Catering Services

All children in Early Years, Year 1 and Year 2 receive free school meals.

Our team is happy to discuss any dietary requirements should they be necessary for health reasons. 

Many parents/carers may not realise that their children are eligible for free school meals. Checking to see if you are eligible takes only a few minutes to do online, (you just need to input your National Insurance number) and you receive an instant response. Registering for Free School Meals also helps the school as we receive additional funding, known as Pupil Premium for every pupil that qualifies for free school meals. If your child is in Key Stage One and currently receives universal infant free school meals, please still check to see if you are eligible, as it will also mean that your child will continue to have free school meals once they enter Key Stage Two (year 3) as well as increasing the school’s pupil premium funding.

To check if your child is eligible, use the link below to get an immediate response, or call 0345 606 6067 for advice.

Free School Meals Eligibility Checker