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The Curiosity Approach


At Grace Cook Primary and Nursery school we have embraced the Curiosity Approach. 

The clue is in the name – the philosophy is centred around the natural curiosity which we are all born with. Providing children with a calm, stress-free environment filled with open-ended resources available at eye-level allows them to figure things out themselves.

Natural Curiosity Approach learning and play resources inspire awe and wonder

With whitewashed, neutral-coloured walls and floors which create a tranquil environment, the focus lands on the various loose items which the children can play with. In doing this, children are challenged to use all their senses to explore and discover how different material feels, how they sound and how they interact.

This encourages children to think for themselves and build confidence without the need for guidance. As the loose parts, which can include anything from cutlery to nuts and bolts, can be used in an endless number of ways, children are given the opportunity to use their creativity, imagination, critical thinking, problem-solving and more to teach themselves.

This lets children explore the various textures and possibilities of authentic resources, incorporating learning into play. The items can be lined up, counted, combined, be used for drawing or writing.

Many of the resources scattered around Curiosity Approach settings invite children to play and learn together. Blankets, teepees, play dough and other things encourage role play and the expressive arts.